DIY Genji Armor [Overwatch]

I'm making gender-bent Young Genji cosplay from Overwatch! I've had a blast making this so far. The list of materials I'm using for this project are below!

ALSO--CONGRATS EMILY for winning the Logitech Mass Effect Andromeda giveaway. And a very special thank you to you all and to Logitech for participating!

(The links for materials below are amazon affiliate links. When you use them, you help support the channel! )


1/2 inch EVA foam mats:

Contact Cement:

Sponge Brushes:

6mm Foam (in the video I said 5mm, but 6mm is just as great. There's only a 1mm difference!)

My favorite rotary tool/dremel attachments I used for this project:

My favorite heat gun: Plasti Dip:

Filler Primer:

Where you can find Worbla:


DIY Undersuit from Mass Effect Andromeda

Thank you all so much for the positive response on last week's video! I'm happy you guys liked Cosplay Melee. I'll be writing up a more detailed blog post about my experience on Cosplay Melee soon!

This week I'm serving up a hot, fresh new tutorial! Comment on this video on YouTube what Mass Effect Character you would cosplay and why so you get entered for a chance to win the Logitech Mass Effect Andromeda set. Best of luck to you all!


Cosplay Melee [originally posted on 03/20/2017]

Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new video about my experience on Cosplay Melee. I'm on the first episode on March 21st at 9PM Central! This episode is shared some amazing makers & buddies Xavier, Fred, and Alicia. My friends here in Austin put together a viewing party for me so I'M SO PUMPED! And also nervous?! Because I'm sure I'll cringe at myself and feel super embarrassed at some point during the episode. Even so, my experience on Cosplay Melee was a positive one. It's nuts seeing what everyone made in such a short amount of time. I hope you all have as much fun watching it as I did being a part of it <3.