DIY Genji Armor [Overwatch]

I'm making gender-bent Young Genji cosplay from Overwatch! I've had a blast making this so far. The list of materials I'm using for this project are below!

ALSO--CONGRATS EMILY for winning the Logitech Mass Effect Andromeda giveaway. And a very special thank you to you all and to Logitech for participating!

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1/2 inch EVA foam mats:

Contact Cement:

Sponge Brushes:

6mm Foam (in the video I said 5mm, but 6mm is just as great. There's only a 1mm difference!)

My favorite rotary tool/dremel attachments I used for this project:

My favorite heat gun: Plasti Dip:

Filler Primer:

Where you can find Worbla: